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Our services : copacking and prepacking

Essencia, specialist of the tea packing

You are a professional and you are looking for a partner to carry out your tea and infusions packing? We pack your teas, produce your recipes or we also can suggest you our mixtures among 120 recipes.

Choose your own packaging among our many proposals!

More information below:

- Teabags
Loose tea
Individual packages
Customization of the tea container and of the plastic packages  


>>  Our teabags

Our production workshop is equipped with packing machines which produce and pack the pyramidal and rectangular teabags with plastic packages. We suggest to our partners to produce teabags with our tea (Essencia) or with their own tea. In these teabags, the quantity of tea can vary between 1g and 5g depending on your needs (the weight can also vary depending on the density of the mixture).

100% organic teabags can be produce with maize starch (soilon).


The different materials used to produce the pyramidal and rectangular teabags:

- Woven nylon
- Woven soilon
- Non-woven soilon (tight mesh, opaque)

The dimensions of the teabags are adjustable depending on your needs (60mm X 60mm X 60mm…).

>>  Our packages in bulk

Ø  Zip-Lock Bags Essencia: 50g, 75g and 100g.

Ø  Zip-Lock Bags Co-packing: depending on your needs.

Ø  Metal boxes Essencia: 50g, 75g and 100g.

Ø  Metal boxes Co-packing: 25g, 50g, 100g, 125g…

>>  Our packages

Plastic packages for the teabags:
- Rectangular teabags
- Pyramidal teabags

Resealable plastic bags (doypack):
Totally hermetic, these bags keep the tea protected from the light and from the humidity in order to preserve all its quality.

Carton boxes:
- With an automatic bottom
- With a semi-automatic bottom

Metal boxes:
- Removable cover
- Non-removable cover


We adapt to the needs of our partners:

- Raw material: make your choice between our different mixtures or choose yours and we can store it.
- Teabags: with one of our generic tag or with the brand that you want.
- Packaging: you can choose between our carton/metal boxes and our sealed bags in bulk; we also can store and use yours.
- Where? The whole production process is done in our production workshop (35460 - Saint-Brice en Coglès - FRANCE)
- Quality: our products are certified Ecocert

>>  Customization

We can customize your teabags with an order of 48 000 teabags. For this quantity, you can have from 1 to 4 tags on the teabags (that is to say, 1 tag each 12 000 teabags).
If the order do not reach the 48 000 teabags, we can suggest our generic tags (white or three green leaves).






We can start the production with a 1 000 teabags order (from the same reference).


>>  The perks of the pyramidal teabag

Why choose the pyramidal teabags?

  • The three-dimensional shape of the teabag creates enough space for tea to move around. The tea has more space to circulate than in a rectangular teabag. So, there is more contact with water, developing perfectly its flavour.
  • With the pyramidal teabag we can pack the whole tea leaf.
  • The teabag is more visually appealing, bringing added value to the product.
  • We able to pack every type of tea in pyramidal teabags.
  • The plastic packaging is made by our machines.

 Do not hesitate to contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

 Or call us at 0033-9-51-44-83-08


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